Claudia Tesorino is a passionate and skilled instructor, having gained extensive and varied teaching experience over the course of thirty years. She has taught saxophone, ensembles, sight-reading, humanities, and chamber music at several music schools and at the Marianopolis College, as well as leading workshops in Canada, Germany, Italy, and India.

For over twenty years, Claudia successfully led saxophone-ensemble and improvisation workshops for Germany’s biggest music-vacation provider, Musica Viva.

From 2012 – 2020, she conducted the saxophone orchestra Saxonoras in Berlin. Here is a portrait video showing Saxonoras’ participation in the rbb Klassik-Slam 2019: Video


Claudia Tesorino is available for individual saxophone lessons and workshops as well as improvisation workshops, in person or online.

She currently is a lecturer for the online platform Blasmusik Digital


"After a week of blood, sweat and tears, or at least of blowing, swearing and tooting, you have improved our kissing technique, turned our fortes into piano and transformed our hooting into harmony. With this small gift (painting) we would like to sincerely thank you for your help in digging out some of the musical treasures burried within us."

Tuscany Workshop

Claudia Tesorino understands better than almost anyone else how to present essential information clearly and then apply it immediately….The well thought-out and cleverly structured course material was incredibly motivating….I can’t say enough positive about Claudia’s teaching. She is absolutely authentic, extremely competent, and convincing, and she takes everything in her stride. On top of that she brings humor and playfulness to her teaching. Three cheers for Claudia!

Klemens - Ladenburg

“To find a good teacher, who knows how to handle this instrument in a sophisticated way, in a city that has probably the most awesome musicians in Germany, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Claudia is no good teacher - she is much better. She is the best teacher I can think of. She has shown me the way of playing saxophone and of finding my style - an awesome feeling.”

Philip - Berlin

In just a few days, I learned more from you than I did in half a year from my usual teacher. I thank you for that.

Friedhelm - Monheim

Many thanks again for the wonderful improvisation course! You presented an excellent combination of guidelines and freedom, larger and smaller groups, structured practice and free experimentation –– and all with a clear didactic structure and layering of skills that build on each other. Really an excellent concept!

Mechtild - Bonn

I especially had fun with free improvisation with her. Her warmhearted and cheerful personality means that she brings a kind of “luminous presence” to her teaching.

Sabine - Berlin 

Claudia’s teaching is always exciting. She has a talent for including people with vastly different musical backgrounds. Her exactness and attention to details in her classes allow her to focus on important elements that are essential for making good music. A harmonious sound brings people together and is indispensable for the success of a lesson or workshop.


Now I know that you can in fact learn to improvise and I have also felt what improvisation does for me. Claudia is incredibly empathetic as a teacher and addresses the needs of individual participants and the considerable differences among them. Her teaching was entertaining and very flexible in terms of examples and explanations.

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Regular Questions

Yes, you can. Claudia has been teaching online since before the pandemic. She is using a special method of live teaching and audio files.

No, you don't have to sign a contract. You can take lessons at your pace or book a reduced package of ten lessons.

Yes, there is a discount for students.


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