About Me

The German-Canadian saxophonist Claudia Tesorino regularly demonstrates how very versatile she is musically, whether she’s appearing as a soloist, playing in an orchestra or quartet, performing with a choir, or playing in a duo with organ. She performs in renowned concert halls worldwide in a variety of roles, as bandleader, conductor, saxophonist, and improviser, impressing audiences with her sensitive yet powerful sound. One of her specialties is “moving smoothly between musical styles and eras” (organ_ Journal für die Orgel). Always remaining open to her musical partners, she moves among genres from classical compositions to jazz and crossover. Another highlight is her passionate presentation of her own compositions and free improvisations.
Claudia Tesorino has performed with the Berlin Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra, the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra Montréal, the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, the Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra, and many more. Particularly dear to her heart are her duo concerts with saxophone and organ. In this unusual constellation, she has been seen in the Berlin Cathedral, the Catedral de Barcelona, the Basel Peterskirche, and the Essen Philharmonie, among others. Her interdisciplinary projects, for example with the audiovisual artist Annegret Suaudeau, give her the freedom to experiment with new sound sources.
Innovative ideas form the basis of Claudia Tesorino’s new projects. In 2012, she founded the saxophone orchestra Saxonoras, which she led and conducted until 2020. She is the only saxophonist who regularly plays in the Berlin Cathedral in a duo with organ. “Her exuberant musicality, her energy, and her expressiveness mean that making music with her is a gift,” says cathedral organist Prof. Dr. Andreas Sieling. In addition, she is currently in demand in the Berlin gallery scene as an improvisational saxophonist. She has encouraged numerous composers to write new works, and her performances have been broadcast on BR, WDR, and DLF Kultur, among others.
With her musical travels taking her over the years to India, Vietnam, Canada, and numerous European countries, Claudia Tesorino has a lively interest in other countries and cultures. In 2000, she emigrated to Canada, where she lived in Montréal for ten years, performing and teaching at Marianopolis College.
While saxophone is her main instrument, Claudia Tesorino also plays an impressive range of other instruments, including violin, piano, bansuri, flute, clarinet, melodica, and drums. Her multifaceted musical talents can be heard on a variety of CDs, including the recent recording of “Before & After” with her Tesorino Quartet. This CD marks the first time that she has recorded an album with her own compositions according to her own concept.